Kendrick Lamar - i (Prod. Rahki)

Compton’s game-changing rapper Kendrick Lamar just released “i”, the debut single of his long rumoured new album, and a first listening tells us that funky instrumentals and rap might bond once again. Back to roots?




Originally published on Vert | LeBoogie

Phil Gallagher is done with the bullshit. Having been immersed in the bodyboarding universe since, well, practically ever, he lived and experienced the most notorious ups and downfalls of the sport, but never saw it in such a dark place as of today. So he’s one to point out the greedy, pocket-locked industry for not pumping some green ones into boogieboarding’s development and to gauge that not all riders rip as hard as you think.

So the 35-year old Australian photographer (on the right) has put himself in a place where he can actually extract bodyboarding’s cultural nectar. As the founder of photographic journal Le Boogie, he took the publishing built-in reputation to hammer out what he calls an “art house” by producing mind-bending films, representing underdog musicians and pushing bodyboarding’s unique culture and lifestyle forward.

After the release of SPLIT, Le Boogie’s latest film production, I swapped a few words with the Aussie creative about the publishing’s new face and the future of bodyboarding.

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Originally published on Vert | Photography: Blake Parker | Tumblr | Lighton35

On a hot Summer afternoon in August, blakeparker, an unknown user from Tumblr, began a chat with me through the platform’s PM’s inbox.

- You Portuguese?
- Proudly, mate! :D
- Awesome. I’m an aussie living in London. Just spent 3 weeks travelling up the coast [of Portugal]. Such an epic place! Do you boog?

The friendship was undoubtedly established with such final response.

As you can read by the nickname, he’s Blake Parker, a 22 year-old photographer from Newcastle, East Coast Australia, whom now lives in London, UK. Parker shares a bond with Portugal by way of his Lisbon-born girlfriend and not so long ago spent a few Summery weeks in this European edge and even enjoyed some waves in Ericeira.

A primary teacher by day and a photographer in his spare time, Parker shoots bodyboarding, surf and everything wave-related. He even got a few stills published in Riptide. However, his endless curiosity goes beyond the ocean and he just embraced film photography’s unpredictability to capture some of the cultures he comes across in his trips.

After swapping a few banalities via Tumblr, Parker accepted my challenge to share with Vert his 15 favourite moments captured until today in the sea and to tell more about his influences and style regarding photography.

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The Islamic State by VICE News.

I’ve been idle for quite some time. Swamped with work, job applications, bodyboarding (been pumping in Ericeira, yeewww) and several other editorial projects that eat the shit up of my time.

Either way, on one of those few relaxing months I saw this documentary about the Islamic State, its gents and principles. There’s just so much that could be said about this rising caliphate, but I guess anyone gets the conclusions they personally seek as the see this.

I highly recommend it as it is raw and offers a view from the inside, rather than a the periphery as the majority of world news outlets.


Video: FDO

On the chilly evening of February 22, Inês Mourão aka BLINK* made her debut on a stage in Lisbon, Portugal. Then with 17 years-old, the Portuguese rapper was on the verge of a nervous breakdown before spitting her first rhyme, but as the show went on she gave it all and her egotrip lyrics immersed the crowd in the mood she fancied. BLINK* just led the audience through her state of mind and seized the moment to present herself as the future of Portuguese rap.

Half a year after the show, the also designer released online her first demotape. The 10-track sample blends Portuguese-to-English bars from her latest productions under electro-influenced beats, collaborations with Dublin based rapper Sam Ajjuri and low-fi tunes from the her young beginnings.

Hailed by some of the most renowned rappers in Portugal, such as Capicua, the mixtape showcases BLINK*’s promising productions and foresees a future EP to be soon available.

Release Date: August 2014 | Official Download: Click Here

“To make a new album and record it— it’s a dangerous thing for artists who take a big break for a long time and come back out. In my experience, it’s usually for an ulterior motive. Someone’s broke, or they need to make a payment on something, or they need an advance or whatever. They end up making a pretty regular record and ruin the discography. It was very important that if we were to make a record, we’d have to want to make it, not have to make it.”

Video: Andrew Melby and Evidence

Directors of Photography is the comeback album of Golden Era hip-hop crew Dilated Peoples. After a hiatus of eight years without releasing a record as a whole, Evidence, DJ Babu and Rakaa Iriscience reunited to produce another consistent and timeless record, which doesn’t transpire outside of their boom-bap hip-hop released over previous years.

Chatting with Mass Appeal, both producers Evidence and DJ Babu explained the process of getting back together and reestablish their ideology after years of solo productions. They also ramble about being one of the first hip-hop artists on Instagram and working with their newest label, Rhymesayers Entertainment.


Video: Timelapse-Media

VERT is the only Portuguese magazine exclusively dedicated to bodyboarding. It was founded in 1994 and has since collected a remarkable cultural and historical memory of the sport in Portugal and worldwide.

The financial (and cultural) crisis in Portugal led the magazine to cease its print edition a couple of years ago. The industry and the sport got crippled and many didn’t understand why it vanished from stores. Well, mainly due to the lack of brands and companies willing to invest on ads. It’s the eternal struggle of the media, even more for independent, culturally-driven publications in a rather small - around 10 million citizens - country.

The worst scenario is now (hopefully) behind and VERT came around once again with powerful stills, immersive stories and a clean design.

There’s a second issue scheduled for the end of 2014. Nonetheless, it all depends on how the sales and adherence goes throughout this 110th issue of the legendary publication.


Photographer Lisa Leone was in the studio with Nas and DJ Premier when they made the iconic Illmatic in ‘94. Two decades later, the unseen images are to be published in her new book Here I Am.

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